2016 Armed Forces Remembrance Day: President Buhari Donates ₦10 Million


The 2016 Armed Forces Remembrance Day

The 2016 Armed Forces Remembrance Day emblem and appeal fund saw President Buhari pleading to good willed Nigerians to donate generously to the cause of sustaining the families of Nigerian soldiers who have given up their lives in service for the country.

The President, a former general and now commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Nigeria in demonstration of his appeal donated ₦10 million on behalf of the federal government for this cause.

President Buhari pointed out the need for Nigerians to remember her fallen heroes who had lost their lives for the unity of the country and fight to put terrorism in extinction.

“It is therefore appropriate that the Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration is observed annually on 15th of January to commemorate the selfless service of our gallant troops in military campaigns and wars especially the Nigerian Civil War as well as the current counter terrorism operations being prosecuted by our brave service men.”

Excerpts of Mr President’s speech at the event thus;

“In their arduous task to keep Nigeria safe and united, some of these gallant officers and men lost their lives. To them we pay special tribute and pray for the repose of their souls. Fellow countrymen and women, consider the situation and conditions under which they died or suffered physical incapacitation.

It behoves us who are living beneficiaries of their sacrifice to contribute towards the welfare and sustenance of their dependants. Our modest effort will go a long way to demonstrate our depth of gratitude and ameliorate their present condition.”

“As a responsible organization, the Legion has introduced the Nigerian Legion Humanitarian Day as part of activities marking the annual Armed Forces Remembrance Day Celebration. This is an avenue through which legionnaires reach out to the society by carrying out some social works, humanitarian activities as well as empowering widows and dependents of our fallen heroes.

 “I therefore call on well-meaning Nigerians and corporate organizations to lend their support to this worthy initiative. The emblem launch today is meant to appeal to all Nigerians to generously support of the Nigerian Legion. One of the ways we can appreciate the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and veterans is by making generous donations.”

“Further to this, after the emblem launch, I encourage all Nigerians to procure and wear the emblem with pride throughout the remembrance period. This would show that we appreciate the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and veterans and also assure those still serving that their services to the fatherland will never be forgotten.”

  Throwback: President Buhari pictured with the Nigerian U-17 Team in 1985 (photo)

“I urge and encourage all our distinguished guests to purchase copies of the emblem for their wives, husbands, children, relatives and friends. In future it would be a requirement for all our staff and visitors to wear the emblem to gain access into government establishments.”

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