3 life truths Nigerians need to accept


Crossing out Lies and writing Truth on a blackboard.

Nigerians in today‘s times are different from those that existed in the past and that is understandable as the society seem to have changed with the times.

Aside from the fact that government officials are rarely within the coveted demographic of 18-34 as it was in the past and extended adolescence is now a very real epidemic as a lot of people are unwilling to really grow up anymore; a majority of citizens seem to have lost sight of the important things in life and so, they Ignore certain hard truths. There is no need for study or statistics; we see it with our own eyes every single day.

Life is full of ups and downs, but the best way to live through it is to fully appreciate the experience and face reality head-on.  Jumia Travel, Africa‘s No.1 online hotel booking portal,therefore, shares 3 life truths Nigerians need to accept.

Nobody cares about your excuses

Nigerians generally like to give excuses. Whether it is defending a mess they made, explain a shortcoming or to exempt them from a tasking duty, they always have what seems like the perfect excuse to give: “unforeseen traffic”, “economic crisis”, “no electric power”, e.t.c. Unfortunately, nobody cares about these excuses. Good reasons, bad reasons, it makes no difference. Your worth is inexorably connected to our ability to get things done. If you want people to value your opinions, your efforts and your time — especially if you want to get  paid  for it — you have to get things done. If you don‘t, the reasons will not matter. Keep in mind that your excuses are about as valid as everyone else‘s and rather than bemoan and give excuses, you might as well just get up and get  on with what needs to be done.

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