4 ways to deal with flight cancellations


ways to deal with flight cancellations

Air travel on its own is a hectic experience; even when everything goes according to plan. So when there is the added challenge of unexpected delays or cancellations, it starts to feel more like ”˜living through hell‘.

In Nigeria, airlines  are quick to cancel domestic flights  on the grounds  of factors such as extreme weather, mechanical malfunctions and workers strike actions, and this continually throws the plans of thousands of travelers in the country into disarray.

But while there are many totally unpredictable circumstances, there a few things you can do to get your travel plans back on track. Jovago.com,  Africa‘s No.1 online hotel booking site  throws light on these.

Know your options

Unknown to so many travelers, they have a lot of rights when their flight is cancelled. Every single airline has its own policies and so, first thing to do is to find out  whose fault the cancellation is – the airline or natural causes – determine your rights as a passenger, then vehemently pursue it.

Some of these rights could include compensation, auto-rescheduling, or  endorsement of your ticket towards  a competing airline. Go to the airline office at the airport and ask questions or use your internet for research. You can also ask around to know what others in your situation are doing. Finding out your options is good head start.

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