FIFA President Proposes 48 Team World Cup


FIFA President Proposes 48 Team World Cup

FIFA President Proposes 48 Team World Cup

FIFA President, Gianni Infantino made known his proposal to expand the number of teams that participate in the world cup to 48, an additional 16.

The FIFA chairman made his intentions known on Monday at the university in Bogota, Colombia, where he was in town for the final of the Futsal World Cup.

“The next 32 (teams) would play a match, a playoff, three days before the World Cup to decide the other 16,”.

“That way we would have 16 more teams qualifying for a final stage of the World Cup, in which they would be playing for a spot in the group stage, in a match that amounts to an absolutely incredible final in terms of passion,” he said.

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Infantino’s idea will be debated before the football governing body comes to a decision on whether to adopt the 48 team world cup or stick with the current 32.


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