5 Reasons Why You Should Run Away From Office Romance


Office Romance

On one of those work days, a stunning lady majestically steps into the office at a measured pace. She is articulate, sexy and drop dead pretty. Guys are salivating and smitten. Who is she? Well, from the grapevine, she is the new departmental accountant.

Fortunately, she sits just meters away from you. You can hear her rustle papers, say hello to colleagues, and being addressed by her team lead.

As typical of guys, their antenna starts picking different signals from the lady. In other words, they are skimming on how to ask the new girl out.

Relationships have largely changed as you can meet anyone anywhere. However, when two individuals in a romantic relationship sit  opposite each other in an office, it may be a recipe for disaster. While some organizations bar office dating, others overlook it. Either way, here are five reasons why you should avoid office romance.

No liberty to indulge

Some people are groovy and animate that they cannot stick with a single woman. Although, they are not Casanovas, they do not have the nerve to be with one. They want to interact with other office ladies, take them out for dinner without anyone watching them. If you are in an office relationship, you may not be opportune to engage in any of these extramural relationship activities. In fact, you may leave office together every day. So, where is the freedom?


Jealousy kills a relationship faster than a bullet. He is staring at you when you are chatting with another guy while she is miffed when you hug a coworker. Except you have a thick skin, stay away from office romance.

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