5 Slangs That Shows You a Confirmed Lagosian


LagosianLagos  is Nigeria‘s melting pot. It‘s the dream destination for most people who reside in nearby cities and rural communities. Everyone believes Lagos is a city where dreams come true, regardless of your means of livelihood.

That‘s why you find almost everyone in this great cosmopolitan city that is home to over 20 million people, according to recent statistics. In fact, it was estimated that Lagos might become over-populated because of the high influx of migrants from other states, and/or neighbouring  countries.

This may be the reason why some Nigerians refer to it as a  no-man‘s  land,  because it has become a convergence point for all and sundry.

The journey to becoming a  confirmed  (true) Lagosian is filled with many road bumps. Once you‘re strong-willed enough to cross, you will earn yourself the title of a true Lagosian – a title so lofty in glory. Some of these road bumps might include your ability to survive the hustle, the street food, the street life as well as having an up-to-date understanding of the contemporary slangs.

These slangs are essential because it is the way most people communicate in the city, and being able to decode and dialogue in these  slangs  will make anyone a confirmed Lagosian. So, whether you live on the Island or mainland, you should be conversant with these slangs.  Jumia  Travel, Africa‘s No 1 hotel booking portal shares five (5) of these contemporary slangs that might earn you the confirmed Lagosian title:


Owambe simply means social events held on weekends, such as weddings. Lagosians love to attend ”˜owambes‘ because it provides a unique opportunity to mingle especially if you‘re single; you get to show off your colourful Aso  Ebi,  and spend quality time with friends and family. Interestingly, Owambe has outgrown its original Yoruba connotation to become a cliche for describing weekend social events among Lagosians.

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