5 things men should know about single ladies in Lagos


Single ladies

Things Men Should Know About Single Ladies  

If you have arrived  Lagos, and as a single man, are looking to find love or at least a female companion while in the city then you are in luck as there is a high chance you will find and connect with the woman of your dreams.

Lagos women are not your average run of the mill and being the treasure that they are, they tend to be very elusive. However, in case you are determined in the quest to date a single Lagos lady,  Jumia Travel, Africa‘s largest hotel booking portal suggests a few things you should know about single Lagos City ladies.


1. They earn their own money

Lagos ladies are not lazy, so confusing them with kept women would be a huge error on your part. They are smart, goal-oriented and proactive. They have high-powered jobs, live in their own apartment or houses, drive cars purchased with their hard-earned money and this means that you will have to work hard to get their attention, as well as show them you are worth a shot.

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