New couples! Drake and Amber Rose now dating


Drake and amber

Emmm…Guys! MTO is telling us that Drake and Amber Rose are now dating. We all know how these guys can be with celeb stories but this one is worth a second look. Read how twas reported below: – has on very good authority – that Amber Rose is now dating…Drake! According the NY Post’s Page Six Drake has been seen all over Miami with Amber. Page Six spoke to a person who told them, “They were on a very private dinner [Friday] night in the wine room at Prime 112, behind curtains.” And US Weekly has reported that the pair was also spotted at the Soho Beach House.
Well on New Years Day – she spent the night hanging with Drake and his crew in Miami. And she was the ONLY chick with them. We asked our snitch inside OVO whether it was true, and they told us “Drake always was infatuated by Amber – everything about her.”

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