Ebola Hits Brazil



46 year old Brazilian man who visited Guinea has thrown the country into pandemonium following Ebola symptoms of which he is currently tested for. Guinea is one of the West African countries with highest case of Ebola outbreak.

The man sought medical help at an emergency room in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Brazil’s southeastern state of Minas Gerais, the ministry said. That unit is no longer taking patients, the minister said at a new conference.

The man was then quarantined and will be flown in a military plane on Wednesday to Rio de Janeiro, where the government has set up a lab to test blood samples for Ebola according to international security protocols. Medical workers and other patients who had contact with the man are being monitored by health officials, according to the ministry’s statement.

Castro said Brazil immediately informed international health authorities of the suspected case.

Ebola Hits Brazil

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