Female Suicide Bomber Kills Family in Maiduguri


female sucide bomber in maiduguri

A female suicide bomber in Maiduguri yesterday attacked and killed a family in Bulama Isa. 10 children and 3 wives of the village head where victims of the attack.

A witness narrated the story to newsmen;

“She ran into Bulama Isa‘s compound shouting ”˜Boko Haram, Boko Haram. When the families of Isa all came out of their rooms to meet the woman in the center of their compound, the woman simply detonated the bomb she had under her garment killing the man his three wives and ten children”

The Nigerian army and Boko Haram were involved in a face off as of the time of this occurrence. The Village was the only survival of this attack as he was not at home. He however escaped another attack on coming back to his home but this time around a lady and her child were said to have lost their lives.

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