Good Morning: Who are you?


Good Morning

Good morning lovelies! I hope you slept fine?

As we admire the beauty of the morning and go through our day’s activities, lets take some time to deliberate on some school of thought.

Many times we tend to ask ourselves “who am I? ” who am I to be love and be loved? Who am I to be rich, smart, to be great, to be admired and looked up to, who am I to aspire to change the world or to win this or that but the real question we forget to ask ourselves is “Who am not to be these things? One powerful question that answers to every doubtful question.

We spend so much time reminding ourselves about what we don’t deserve that we forget to strive towards what we actually deserve. We also forget that its OK to dream. C’mon!   Its not a sin!

Sweetheart, quit beating yourself over past mistakes and failures, pick your pride and confidence up, dust away any trace of shame, shyness and inferiority and move towards what you want.

We shouldn’t wait for God to come down from heaven to push us. He has given you the ability already. All you need to do is pray for strength and take a step towards that dream, every other thing will come into place.

One more important thing is to make sure you have authentic abilities to carry out a particular dream (you wouldn’t want to be the Vic O of your life.   ? ). When you get stuck and confused in the middle of your own dream and start to ask yourself ” who am I to do this? Make sure to wake up, take a deep breath and say ” who am I not to?

Have a lovely and productive day?

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