How Radio Biafra Used MTN Masts in Enugu To Power Their Brodcasts

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Fresh findings reveal that the  transmitters used by Radio Biafra to broadcast their programs  were installed on the masts of telecom giants, MTN in Enugu and Anambra state. This ensued wider coverage of the radio station which is transmitting illegally according to NCC standards.

According to reports,

The revelation was contained in the government‘s case summary of the fresh six count-charge instituted against Nnamdi Kanu, and two others, before the Federal High Court in Abuja.

One of the defendants, David Nwawuisi, is a field maintenance engineer, David Nwawuisi, whose job was to maintain the MTN masts in Enugu State.

Benjamin Madubugwu, the other defendant in the treason case, was alleged to have received a container full of transmitters from Kanu.

The Federal Director of Public Prosecutions, Mohammed Diri, who signed the case summary, also alleged that Nwawuisi installed the transmitters on MTN masts “on request by an IPOB member, Chidibere Onwudiwe.”

“The 3rd defendant (Nwawuisi), a Field Maintenance Engineer, charged with the responsibility of maintaining MTN masts in Enugu State, was also arrested in the course of the investigation.”

  FG claims to have Jammed Radio Biafra Signals

“He agreed, on the request of an IPOB member, who is at large, Chidebere Onwudiwe, to install and did install IPOB radio transmitters on MTN masts for a consideration.”

According to the prosecution, the transmitters which were smuggled into Nigeria by Kanu, were discovered during a search of Madubugwu‘s residence.

The transmitters are believed to have been installed on the MTN masts between April and May 2015.

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