MUST READ: Kill Don Jazzy – A Reply


Kill Don Jazzy - A Reply

It‘s just very pathetic how much Nigerians can swerve to any collection of sentences written in the name of an article. Twitter and blogs have made it very easy anyways, but that‘s the fun of it all.

I am a very big fan and lover of what Don Jazzy has been able to achieve in the Nigerian music industry over the past years. I repeat I am a very big fan and by now you should know that this piece will only be based on common sense and, of course, sentiments.

I am not a hater of Mr. Bayo Osimore, (of course, I‘ve not heard about him till now) and it‘s only right to give him credit for the nonsensical piece he put together #KillDonJazzy it was sure worth my time, I don‘t know about you. The Kill Don Jazzy piece is trending and am quite sure Mr. Bayo must be filled with delight knowing that his “classic” piece of work is getting all the buzz it deserves”¦

For someone who claims to have been in the music industry for 18 years and a former PR of the great but, unfortunately, defunct Mo‘Hits records I honestly expect better or don‘t you? Quite appalling how someone of his “pedigree” could have sat down to craft such a disgrace. I‘d prefer to conclude that it was all for the attention you he so desperately craved.

The #KillDonJazzy article writer started in the first few words of the article parading a façade of not being a Don Jazzy hater hmmm! Mr. Bayo, you are obviously embittered and couldn‘t bear the oblivion as a former PR of Mo‘Hits”¦ All for the attention you so desperately craved. [Permit me to emphasize again]

Anybody concordant to the barely sensible opinion that the Don Jazzy brand is dead must be in dire need of common sense. A Don in the real world is that one and the other one? Excuse me, Music is an art, a different world complementing the real world, in the music world, you choose the meaning you give to your brand if that was not the case there would be a lot of insensible and useless slangs that we have learned today but you know what? Music gave them the meaning that they have and have enjoyed till date. I know that makes a lot of sense to you right?

  Music: Dr Sid ft Korede Bello – Flawless (Prod. by Don Jazzy)

Don Jazzy moved on from the Mo‘Hits record with grace, he was destined for greatness”¦ D‘banj, Wande Coal moved on too right? How much have we heard of them musically? You call the results!

In the real sense of it, Don Jazzy transitioned from Don (that we all know) to the real Don, come on we are in the real world and am sure you know that Don means a Spanish gentleman or nobleman (Advanced English Dictionary) Those few words with the obvious exclusion of Spanish perfectly describes Don Jazzy and am quite sure you agree!

Furthermore, It is ridiculous for Mr. Bayo the writer of the #KillDonJazzy piece to bash Don Jazzy for his Konga and Loya adverts of which he was paid for who tf does that? Don Jazzy also chooses to feature in tracks and have achieved success with that. Olamide, Timaya, Tolu, Psquare   etc have all had him on their records, who are you to complain though smh”¦

Finally, I‘d like to call your attention to the fact that the Don Jazzy brand has blossomed and more welcomed since moving on to Mavin, being the sociable, jovial, loveable, real father figure of artistes under him. A Don is a gentleman and a nobleman in the real sense and it baffles me why someone would want that figure killed.

Kill Don Jazzy – A Reply  




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