Lyrics: Vic O – Hello (Adele Rap Cover)


Vic O - Hello


Self acclaimed best rapper alive released his own version of Adele’s Hello and has been the trending topic on social media since the release.

Just incase you have any difficulty figuring out what Vic O is  saying, here is the lyrics, if you so wish to sing along…

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Hellor baby, hellor, hellor, hellor, oh, oh, hey (2ce), hey (3ce), hellor (x15)

Huhn, k‘mon my baby, you be my sweet ya(?) from the first day I saw you

I know say you go run away with my money

But that one no be the poblem (read problem), baby girl

My baby say make you come back

Pepper no be the problem a‘rrall baby

Because pepper don rest my side like wow-wow

Yeah, let me break e ”˜rup for you so that you can pay me berra, berra, berra

Yeah, yeah, if you‘re crazy ”˜nuff”¦ aha (scoffs)

Thas means you‘ve come to the right place thas right uhn!

Yeah, my fans doesn‘t call me King of rap for nothing,

They call me King of rap because I spend money like wow-wow, true that

Always give money to you so strong, strong, strong, like strong thing”¦ hellor baby



Hellor (3ce), ho ho hey (2ce), hey (3ce), hellor (x15)


Yeah (3ce), that‘s why (incoherent) my baby, I make you feel like a real woman

Thas why I‘m the best above w‘all, hello baby, hello fine girl (2ce)

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All I want is you tell me how you wan‘ it, I‘m koro kive it to you just make one wish and it‘s done baby

VicO MPR is my Hempire!

If you wan‘ Naira, Zeros (read Euros), Pounds, Dollars I will give it to you

My word is an honour to me, trust me

(Incoherent) on the phone sent to me, it‘s alright baby boo

I‘m gonna take the first flight first thing tomorrow morning

You gonna see me in your house o!

Yes, tell me now if I VicO could not run the show

Tell me who can run it, I run things, right?


Hellor baby (studio echo effect)


Repeat hook:

Hellor (3ce), ho ho hey (2ce), hey (3ce), hellor (x15)


Hey yo! It‘s about to go right here you know how we do

That‘s what‘s up!




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