Midnight talk: Be positive



Hey nightcrawlers!! Welcome to our first midnight talk session.
  Ok its midnight and I know a whole lot of us stick around by this time savouring the night time social media life and surfing the net ( night life is bae Huh?)   Perhaps its midnight chat with that special someone, stalking celebrities, cursing out peoples lives on social forums and stealing your neighbor’s WiFi network for your online rendezvous or hmmmm…. Watching your little X-rated guilty pleasure. Be it what it may, you just hit gold mine reading this.
The basis of Tonight’s yarn is whatever you are dedicating your midnight to, let it be positive and worth risking your precious night rest for. I read somewhere that the mind is sharper and works more effectively at midnight. So why don’t you get constructive and do something worthwhile like take up an online class, get in touch with your loved ones that you haven’t had time for ( specifically night crawlers) , visit your favourite blog and get informed 😆 , learn new languages , watch DIY videos or search up stuff to help with the next day’s work. It only gets better before you enjoy Wats left of your little sleep time or you might end up sleeping in through the morning, but anyways all na sleep.
    So dearies, if we choose to forsake our night sleep, let’s try to make our activities positive and worth the wake. Else you’ll get eye bags for nothing.

  Till next midnight 😘

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