MTN await the verdict of President Buhari on the ₦1.4 trillion fine



Minister of Communications, Adebayo Shittu has revealed that the fate of telecom giants MTN now lies in the hands of President Buhari.

MTN failed to deactivate about 5.1 million unregistered sim cards as instructed by the NCC and the  â‚¦1.4 trillion fine was here after lashed on them. The telecom giants had pleaded for pardon but as it stands, the decision will be made by Mr President.

Adebayo Shittu clearly addressed the ministry’s stand on the issue during the Alliance 4 Affordable Internet Nigeria Coalition conference in Lagos.

“I don‘t think there is any conflicting position on where government stands on the MTN issue. Recall that there were violations which were established against MTN.

“The violations were to the tune of five million subscribers. There are many countries where subscribers, in the entire country, are not up to half of the five million. In the case of Nigeria, we had more than five million violations.

“However, both the government and MTN are on the same page that rules have been broken in this instance.

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“The issue is now before Mr President. He will take the necessary decision at the appropriate time. And the President would do what is best for the public interest,“ the Minister said.

“The good thing is that MTN did not contest the fact that they had violated the regulations and guidelines. They never contested it. They admitted they were at fault. They apologized for their role in the saga and they made a commitment that what happened will never happen again. And of course, they made a plea for review of the payment terms,” he said.

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