Photo – President Buhari Gets National ID Card


President Buhari Gets National ID Card

Director General of the National Identity Management Commis ­sion (NIMC), Mr. Chris Onyemenam, presented in Aso Rock, Abuja President Muhammadu Buhari his national identity card.

At the event, NIMC dis ­closed it was processing close to 20 million data from the Bank Verification Number (BVN) scheme.

Buhari was on August 25 registered and pres ­ent his temporary identity card by the management of NIMC led by Onyeme ­nam.

At the brief event, Bu ­hari was taken through the process of activating his card.

He raised a few ques ­tions on how easy it would be to activate the cards in rural areas as well as how long it will take from the day of registration for the commission to present Ni ­gerians with their cards.

Onyemenam later told State House correspon ­dents that he and his team demonstrated to the presi ­dent how the national iden ­tification number could be used to confirm the iden ­tity of an individual even if the person was not present.

He said they also pre ­sented the electronic card to the president and dem ­onstrated to him how it would be taken round.


| President Buhari Gets National ID Card

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