Saraki’s appeal against CCT Postponed To 2016


Bukola Saraki

The Supreme Court has pushed forward its judgement in the appeal of Senate President Bukola Saraki against the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) to February 5, 2016.

Stating his case, Joseph Daodu, Saraki‘s lawyer based his brief on three points while arguing that the CCT is not properly constituted in its trial of Saraki and also that the CCT was not a court of competent criminal jurisdiction.

“The CCT is just a disciplinary panel for public officers,” he argued.

He also stated that since there was no Attorney-General as at the time the case was initiated, hence the case was not properly formed.

However, lawyer to CCT, Rotimi Jacobs implored the court to dismiss Saraki‘s appeal for lack of merit.

He argued that tribunal was properly constituted, as only two members were required to form a quorum to sit in judgment on a case.

He further argued that in the absence of the attorney-general of the federation an officer in his office could start criminal proceedings against anyone, which was exemplified in the senate president‘s case. ”Ž

After listening to the counsels of plaintiff and the respondent, Mahmud Mohammed, Chief Justice of Nigeria announced the postponement.

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