Snake bites woman as she attempts to kiss it [Watch]



Watch the terrifying moment a python bites a woman on the face as she tries to KISS it on the head at a wildlife park in Thailand. Chinese tourist Jin Jing was bitten by a snake in Phuket, Thailand Video shows onlookers scream as the woman tries to pull it off her nose. The reticulated python struck out after she tried to kiss it on the head Luckily the snake was not venomous and she was treated for minor cuts

The horrific moment a tourist was bitten on the face by a snake after she tried to plant a kiss on its head at a Thailand animal park has been captured on video.

The terrifying footage, filmed on the popular holiday island of Phuket, shows the reticulated python latch onto Chinese woman Jin Jing’s face as a man holding the snake looks panicked and piercing screams erupt from onlookers.

The incident reportedly happened on January 9, at an unnamed ‘animal park’, located next to the Phuket zoo in Chalong, east of the island, reported Phuket News.

Ms Jin Jing was rushed to Phuket International Hospital and received treatment for minor cuts and bruising to her nose – luckily the python was non-venomous.

She was released from hospital shortly after receiving stitches.

Phuket Tourist Police Volunteers have warned tourists of the risks of attending ‘cowboy’ animal parks in Thailand.

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