This Beggar makes a stunning N300,000 monthly from begging



Kehinde Olatubosun has been arrested by Lagos state police, rapid response squad and he describes himself as a corporate beggar.

Speaking after being arrested the beggar revealed that he makes a stunning N10,000 daily from begging.

He mounts at strategic locations in Ikeja- Mobolaji Bank Anthony Roundabout, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Toyin Street and Opebi.

“Every day, I make over N10,000 doing corporate begging. All days of the week, I am always in Mobolaji Bank Anthony Roundabout, Toyin Street Roundabout and Opebi. At times, I collaborate with other beggars. Whatever we make, we share. But I get a larger share.”

“What I do is that I get LASUTH drug prescription papers from their waste bin. With this in my hand, I convince motorists, passengers and passers-by that I have a relative who is in need of money to buy drugs and I show them the prescription papers. This is what I have been doing since I was deported from Germany in 2004. Before the deportation, I was working as Electrical Engineer in Bauhusa, Cologne, Germany. I was in Germany for 12 years before I was deported.”

“I was in possession of drugs when I was arrested in Germany, so they deported me. I have four children. Two are in Germany with my wife. One is in Texas in the United States and another in Nigeria. Unfortunately, all the money I make from this begging goes into drugs.”

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“I am always there, seven days a week. I make more money on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I make more than N10,000 on weekends. As I speak with you, I am not on drugs, but I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms. That is the effect of not taking drugs for some time. I was at Ipodo drug joint, Ikeja, when I was arrested. I was on drugs.”

“I have never been arrested for any offence before. I am praying that RRS releases me. I promise I will not go back to drugs again. Where I live presently was given to me by my in-law.”

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