Wanted Boko Haram Terrorist Arrested On His Way To Lagos


Wanted Boko Haram Terrorist Arrested

Chindo Bello, one of the 100 wanted Boko Haram terrorists who were declared wanted by the Nigerian Army have been nabbed by Aviation security in Abuja at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport while boarding Aero Contractors‘ Airline flight going to Lagos.

Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman released a statement to that effect, read below:-

“The declaration of 100 suspected Boko Haram terrorists has started to pay the desired dividend as one of them was arrested as he attempted to flee.”

“Today at Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja, a man suspected to be one of the declared wanted suspected Boko Haram terrorists, Chindo Bello was apprehended by Aviation Security as he was boarding Aero Contractors Airline flight to Lagos.”

“The suspect has since been handed over to the military intelligence for interrogation and prosecution.

We would like to thank those eagle eyed and patriotic security agents and good citizens for the tip off that led to the arrest of the suspect.”

Wanted Boko Haram Terrorist Arrested

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  3. I am not the least surprised at Tinubu’s smeettant ,he’s a politician and politicians make certain smeettants depending on the geographical location they find themselves. Remember he was visiting the Emir of Kano so he told his audience what they should hear or what they would love to hear. He would most likely sing a new song when he’s in the eastern part of the country like calling on the Federal Government to address the lingering security situation ,so people should not be surprised,it’s all politics. Meanwhile,have you ever noticed that even our so called back page celebrated columnist hardly condemn this Boko Haram insurgents ,they all play politics with the wanton destruction of lives and property for obvious reasons,one of which is the fear of Boko Haram target and for balancing. This writers find it very convenient to talk about christianity and even criticize men of God ,but dare say they develop cold feet when it comes to Islam and the issue of terrorism . They try to equate BH with the Niger delta militants without asking some germane questions such as what does book haram want, what are they fighting for ,unlike the militants in the Niger Delta fighting for a control of their God given resources which can halt the economic dynamics of the country if the violence is not checked . What is Boko Haram bringing on the table is it sue or groundnut or kunu or islam ? This should be question of those calling for amnesty for this group of murderers . I am totally against any kind of amnesty to any group or individuals that take up arms against the country be they Boko Haram or Mend,they should be brought to book

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