“We are not sure if Nnamdi Kanu is still alive”, Parents


Nnamdi Kanu

The parents of detained Biafran leader Nnamdi Kanu has reached out to the federal government to release their son. His father who is the ruler of Isiama Afaraukwu in Umuahia North Council Area of Abia State expressed astonishment at the length of time his son had been held. Eze Isreal Kanu and wife who are both worried not knowing what   exactly going on with their son has asked the federal government to release their son.

“I am pleading with the Federal Government to release my son. Let his freedom be restored. I am aware that in Nigeria the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

“I am surprised that my son is being detained. I have been asking why he is being held without getting an answer,” Eze Kanu lamented.

The monarch further lamented that the agony of the family has been compounded due to their inability to have access to the detained activist, noting that they are not sure that he is alive.

“I was confused because my son was coming to see me when he was arrested. When I asked where he was arrested they said Abuja. I sent to confirm his state of health and the report I got is that he is alive, that is why I am able to talk now”.

Eze Kanu however, disclosed that his son, born during the Nigeria-Biafra war, has never discussed his pro-Biafran activism with him, pointing out that he is not the trouble making type.

  Nnamdi Kanu to be bailed on Friday

According to the monarch, “my son is not a trouble maker, and his campaign reflects the mind of the majority of the people in the South East geopolitical zone given the protests that have trailed his arrest and detention.‘‘

On whether he could influence his son to drop the agitation, Eze Kanu said he could not guarantee that as his son is a full fledged adult.

“My son is an adult and fully matured to be able to express his mind on any issue”.

Nnamdi‘s mother, Ugoeze Kanu who also spoke, said that, she wondered why he should be made to suffer for saying the truth.

“The Bible tells us that truth shall set us free. But in Nigeria we are being made to understand that truth is bitter and can even lead to death.

“As a mother, it is painful, I will not deny him, he is my son, but in a democracy I know there is freedom of speech.”


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