What Happened at Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial Today


Nnamdi Kanu in court 2

The Federal magistrate court was supposed to play host to the court ruling of Nnamdi Kanu today as the case was previously adjourned to December 1.

Early today, about 500 Pro-Biafrans arrived the vicinity chanting and singing for the release of their leader, Nnamdi Kanu.  The protesters had flags of the inoperative Republic of Biafra as they continued their singing in a very loud voice, “all we want is give us Biafra”

However proceedings never took place as expected as the presiding judge did not show up in court, he was ill. This was revealed by Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer,  Vincent Obetta.

“Unfortunately the court will not be sitting owing to an act of God that has befallen the magistrate. We will try to pick a date. But we have not picked a date because we have not been able to reach the magistrate.” ”Ž

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The court was supposed to  rule on an application brought by the Department of State Services (DSS) requesting to discontinue the case for reassignment to a higher court.

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